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Ohio State Racing Commission Judges' Rulings

Lester "Bud" Teeters, Presiding Judge
Gary Spiess, Associate Judge* Ryan Ratliff, Associate Judge

Please refer to the U.S. Trotting Association website for rulings from Northfield Park and all othe U.S. tracks. Click here to access both current and archived rulings back through 2004.   


New Fines and Suspensions reports available
Friday, February 20, 2009 - by John Pawlak, the U.S. Trotting Association

Several new reports, all designed to help analyze the fines and suspensions handed out by U.S. regulators, are now available to subscribers to PATHWAY.

The reports, for which there is no charge, summarize the number and types of penalties handed down between dates specified by the PATHWAY user. In addition, users may search by racetrack or by state, and by all infractions or only major infractions.

These new summary reports are a handy way to determine how active racing officials and regulators have been in assessing penalties, both minor and major, and to compare the number of violations, number of suspension days and the amount of fines levied between tracks and between states.

From any of the summary reports, users may then select the type of infraction, click on that link, and as a result see a list of the individuals involved. From there, following the link for an individual name, the user will see the details for that individual’s infraction(s), for which the appropriate charge will be made to the user’s account.

For more information about PATHWAY, or to open an account, visit



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